TechOvate is Innovation Wexford’s most recent enterprise offering. Together with the FUSE initiative, TechOvate will create an innovative start-up hub for technology based companies, providing them with a working environment that more closely mirrors that of Silicon Valley.

TechOvate will be based at Wexford Enterprise Centre. Here we will source and support new and early stage technology based companies within the South East and develop collaborative relationships between them, appropriate agencies and suitable entrepreneurs in Northern California. Wexford Enterprise Centre will link with Silicon Valley based innovation centres to provide a route to the US market for South East based clients.

This tailored working environment will incorporate incubation workspaces with fibre based broadband connectivity, state-of-the-art video conferencing and start-up data centre facilities.

Screened start-up candidates will be assigned a US based mentor. These mentors will “adopt” them, guiding them through their strategic development. This will be achieved by mentoring the Tech start-ups via 2 hour video conferencing session once per month. The mentor-entrepreneurs can opt to secure shareholding their adopted company after twelve months should they decide to exercise this option. These US entrepreneurs will also assist the start-ups in preparing for and securing funding to sustain strategic growth for the company.

Hands on training programmes based on the US entrepreneurs own experience, will be specifically developed for these South East based start-ups and will be delivered in group sessions through video conferencing and online whiteboard sessions.

The implementation detail behind TechOvate is currently evolving and exploratory visits to proven destinations such as Northern California is essential in finalising models of best practise and strategic enhancement for South-East based start-up and sustainable job creation.

For further information contact Brendan Ennis, Group Chief Executive, Innovation Wexford at

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